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Find everything you need to know as an international job seeker. The information below is updated regularly by our global network of contributors to ensure you receive the latest information and tips on the international job market.

  • ...Interview Techniques

    HR Managers and Recruitment Consultants offer recommendations on how to prepare for an interview and what to expect when you’re in the hot seat!

  • ...CVs

    Your CV is a marketing tool designed to sell a product – YOU!

  • ...Salary Negotiation

    Tips on negotiating the best salary and benefits package.

  • ...Cover Letters

    Make a strong first impression by writing a letter or email with your CV application. Remember to be polite! (You’d be surprised how many people are not.)

  • ...Common Errors

    Get your CV word perfect!
    A list of common spelling and grammatical errors peculiar to different languages.

  • ...Interview Questions to Practice

    Preparing for a job interview?  
    Don’t be taken unaware.
    Try this list of tricky questions gleaned from actual interviews.

  • ...Global Careers

    Applying to a job in another country? Check here for some special requirements.

  • ...Power Verbs

    Electrify your sentences with punchy power verbs; the definitive list of action verbs to describe your achievements.

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