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Your CV is a marketing tool designed to sell a product – YOU!

Its sole objective is to get you the job interview. Use it to promote your strengths and minimize your weaknesses (without deception or lying). As a selling document, a CV should look professional and polished. Follow the basic rules and you will start to develop your own winning CV. 


CV Dos

  • Develop a CV using 1-2 full pages.
  • Deep margins and lots of white space make a CV easier to read.
  • Maintain the same font throughout the document (no smaller than 10 point) and minimise the use of different font sizes.
  • Use bullet points to list your achievements. Avoid long sentences.
  • Action verbs will grab the reader's attention. 
  • Quantify your achievements with specific examples and numbers (i.e. increased sales by 15% over a 12 month period).
  • Focus on your more recent experience. Give more detail about your recent job as opposed to one five or more years ago.
  • Give priority to your skills and achievements rather than just the responsibilities of the job.
  • Think before you list your hobbies or interests. Make sure they tell the reader something positive about you. 
  • Make sure you always include the following information:

    Telephone number (mobile is preferable)
    Email address
    Citizenship/Visa Status (if relevant)
    Date of Birth (if customary in the market you are applying in)

CV Don'ts

  • Don't put your current salary on your CV. It could rule you out before you even get started.
  • Don't use the personal pronoun “I” in your CV.
  • Don't list the names of your spouse, children or pets on your CV.
  • Don't write a CV which is longer than 3 pages.
  • Don't have any grammar or spelling mistakes in your CV.
  • Don't attach a photograph with your CV unless specifically requested to do so (or if you are very good looking or look very young for your age!).
  • Don't ever lie or even stretch the truth on your CV. You will get found out and could lose your job.
  • Don't attach references unless specifically requested. These come into play further along the interview process.

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