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You will find differences between the content of  CVs  in various countries. German, French, Italian and American CVs and job applications have some specific requirements which we outline here:


  • Scan & attach qualifications
  • Always include a photo on your CV
  • Include all written references from previous employers to your application
  • Sign and date your CV


  • Include a photo on your CV
  • Always include personal information such as date of birth and marital status.

By the way, a rèsumè in France is a short summary.


To allow a firm to contact an applicant, include the following statement at the end of your CV:

"I agree to disclose my personal information according to the law 675/96."


  • Ensure that your CV is only one page long
  • You don't include a photo or personal detials such as date of birth, maritial status, gender or religion.
By the way, a CV in the USA is called a resume!

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