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Interview Questions to Practice

There are no right or wrong answers to questions in a job interview. What matters most is honestly portraying who you are and what you believe. This way, you’ll find employment with a company who holds the same values as you. Your chances of achieving professional success within such a company will be much improved – plus you’ll enjoy your work as well.

It’s a good idea to practice interview questions, so you can organise the thoughts you wish to communicate to your prospective employer. We have collated 100 questions gleaned from actual interviews. Why not give them a try?

About the job and company

What sort of job would you really like?
Why do you feel you are suitable for this position?
Are you ready for a job like this?
Will you move home? Abroad?
How long do you expect to stay with us?
How "international" an environment have you worked in?
What do you know about our company?
Would you prefer a large or small company? Why?
Why do you want to work for us?
How can you contribute to this company?
How do you think you will fit in with our firm?
What would be the first thing you would do if hired?
Why should I hire you?
How would this job compare with your last job?
How would you describe your ideal boss?
How would your partner feel about your working here?
What travel experience have you had?

About you as a person

What motivates you?
What magazines / newspapers / books do you read?
Who in history do you most admire?
Do you enjoy working independently or in a team?
How do you work under pressure?
How would you describe your personality?
What are your extracurricular activities?
How do you spend your annual holidays?
How did you get along with your last boss?
What sports do you enjoy?
Do you have a busy social life?
What kind of people annoy you?
What kind of people attract you?
How do you usually spend weekends?
What do you do for exercise?
Do you drink? Socially?
Are you difficult to please?
Do you ever get angry?
At what time do you usually get up in the morning?
Are you active in any outside groups or organisations?
How do you define co-operation?
Do you spend a lot of time with your children?
What arrangements do you have if your children are sick?
Is your partner employed? What do they do?
Have you got a clean driving licence?
What do people say about you?
Are you eager to please?

About your skills

What sort of budgets have you managed?
What are the three most important accomplishments in your career, so far?
What is your greatest strength? Weakness?
Are you creative / analytical / a leader? Give me an example.
Have you ever recruited anyone? What do you look for?
How have you helped to increase earnings of your former employers?
How have you helped reduce costs for your former employers?
What major challenges have you encountered? How did you deal with them?
How do you get along with your subordinates?
What direct managerial experience do you have?
What three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why?
Were your suggestions adopted by former employers? Explain.
What is the most difficult task you’ve ever completed?
Are you hard working? Give me an example.
What is the most rewarding task you’ve ever completed?
What was your biggest mistake or error of judgement?
What would your last boss say your greatest weakness is?

Facts from your CV

What is the turnover of your current company?
Why were you not successful in your own business?
What did you like best about your last role?
What did you like least about your last role?
You have changed jobs frequently. Do you have a career aim?
Which agencies / clients / suppliers do you work with?
Did you enjoy working for your last employer?
Why have you been unemployed so long?
Have you ever been sacked or made redundant?
Why did you study XXXXX at university?
Why didn’t you finish college/university?
What do you think of your last boss?

About motivation

What are you looking for in a job?
Would you compete against me for my job?
Are you considering any other positions?
What are your short-term goals?
Why do you want to leave your current company?
Does your current employer know you are planning to leave?
If you were starting all over again, what field would you choose?
What are your thoughts regarding promotion?
Why do you feel you have the potential for further promotion?
What do you consider to be the disadvantages of your chosen field?
Does your partner play an important role in your career?
Do you feel you could have done more in your last job?
How many hours a week do you think a person should spend at their job?
If you suddenly won a million Euro, what would you do?
Do your friends consider you ambitious?
Do you consider yourself to be a competitive person?

About salary

How much money do you need to live on?
Do you think your status and salary reflect your true abilities?
What salary do you think you are worth? Why?
Do you have an outside income?
Have you ever gone through bankruptcy?
How much do you want to be earning in 5 years?
Do you have a savings plan?
Do you live within your income?
What holidays do you expect to take?
Have you ever considered self-employment?
What, if any, are your travel limitations?

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